Connectors Used in Laptops

laptop connectors

Most electronic devices have connectors. These components come packed with laptops. For ease of use of connectors, understanding them is very important. Below are different connectors and their function.

USB Connectors

An external hard disk or a portable USB drive is connected to a USB port. Familiarizing with different USB connectors is important if you have a laptop. The different varieties of USB ports in the market include USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB 1.0. Classification is based on efficiency and speed. There is speed in the transfer of data, USB 3.0 is the best. USB 1.0 has the slowest speed when it comes to data transfer. USB 3.0 and 2.0 are easy to identify since they are similar. They are very common. They are easy to purchase, and connecting is easy.red USB pen drive


HDMI Connectors

It is found in the latest laptop models. It is used in video transmissions of a modern High Definition TV. Such TVs are a modern high definition. HDMI Connectors have replaced VGA outputs. VGA outputs were used in larger televisions or monitors in the transmission of video signals. There are two rows of the HDMI Connectors. They are easy to buy and can be connected easily. One has ten-pins and the other one with nine-pins counting to a total of nineteen connections. There were three rows of the VGA Connectors. Each pin has five pin holes with three rows in each row with curved ends and a rectangular shape. HDMI Connectors has more contact interfaces with improved video quality.

Audio connectors

They are very common in laptops. Previously, laptops offered mono sound as a result of phono plug featured in them. Later, there were stereo sounds provided by dual phonos. Today, people are using a single stereo jack with an input of a microphone. In transmitting of out and in audio signals, audio connectors are used. Their small circular design identifies them easily. Connecting audio connectors is easy, and they are cheap to buy. They are readily available in the market.audio connectors

Network connectors

In addition to network connectors, RJ45 is used in a network connection. It has eight brass pins with a square design. Through a catch, the cable is held to the connector. They are used to connect the network cable or the router box to the laptop directly. Older laptops had this connector though it was smaller since it had eight pins. In a landline telephone, this connector was used to get an internet connection. For the long-term performance of any of your gadget, understand the method and purpose of connection.